How It Work

CC Reliefs is the business of software and IT development and solutions center. We are a software company specializing in the convergence of social computing, Mobility and Pervasive computing, web analytics and cloud computing across various industry verticals. Core focus of CC Reliefs is to deliver value to our customers by providing them with the best state of the art technology driven solution to achieve their intended business goals. We develop customized Software that is completely based on user’s requirement with GUI (graphical user- friendly interface) on any of the mentioned platform / languages.

We assess.

With regards to innovation, you have to know where you are before you can push ahead. We enable organizations to pick up a reasonable comprehension of their present technology condition with regards to their business objectives and procedure.

We plan.

Deciding the heading you need to go and the best route to get there can be challenging. We help companies to create strategic, significant plans to accomplish their business objectives.

We build.

The processes and top-caliber team we have made in the course of recent years empower us to build robust, custom programming solutions in an Agile, iterative and collaborative way. We'll get your task into production and enable you to understand the business esteem you anticipate.

We support.

Our work doesn't end when the build/development is finished. Our customers stay as accomplices over the long haul. We remain behind the solutions we give – and that means facilitating continuous help, variant redesigns and framework improvements.



STATUS MEETINGS Internally we meet once a day for assignments or updates on tasks and projects. Week by week we hold internal meetings for each project that include the record supervisor with design and/or development leads. We hold weekly or bi-weekly customer gatherings as required and have project communications all through the cycle between planned meetings. Each project is assigned an account manager, project manager, development lead, design lead and project coordinator. The size of the project will direct what number of designers, engineers or analyzers would be required.


This phase includes analysis and refinement of proposal scope including competitive evaluation, accessible industry applications, industry patterns and strategy alignment. We suggest that customers survey their most loved applications of any sort for UI, navigation and preferences. In light of the cleared-up scope we create a project plan with Gantt chart for milestones and task events.


In light of the final project specifications, our architects make the definite technical documentation. Making the Technical Specifications is the reference point for our framework engineers and designers.


We utilize best practice models in SEO and ASO, application descriptions, application store entries and publishing. We control our customers on the most ideal approach to deploy, update (consistence prerequisites and application evolution) and support the applications.