We Builds the optimum quality business applications that enable the businesses to perform critical business functions, for instance, increasing & measuring productivity, performing tasks, and business functions accurately. Our software development team builds and delivers the business specific applications as per the client requirement.

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Our software developers craft highly customized software solutions that address your cross-functional business necessities. With our competence, industrial experience, and custom programming skills, our company renders the best-practice in your software products and services and delivers the tailor-made solutions meeting your exact business needs.

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Custom Software Development

Our software developers convey bespoke applications that meet your specifications and address your business needs. We have experience in making software that helps and improves in business process automation, content management, online business/e-Commerce, and employee collaboration. Our developers can use their involvement with Agile programming advancement to expand your upper hand. Technology road maps require planning, vision, hindsight and experience. You know your business and we know how to benefit as much as possible from your innovation speculations. Our software solutions result in positive effect through cost savings, revenue generation and sometimes both. Beginning at the business objective level, we plan to future verification your innovation ventures by affirming the activity with plainly defined deliverable. We welcome you to use legitimate software architecture, our reusable components library and different tools and frameworks to accelerate your product development and save time to showcase, save your product software budget / operating costs and deliver a final that will reverberate with your target audiences’ expectations and have any kind of effect in your niche!

Our Workflow

Discovery & Analysis — A qualified group of system-analysts and specialists watches your present arrangements, finds key issues and open doors for development, builds up a guide in view of your business needs. Advancement and Testing — Qualified developers with niche expertise create, test, and convey a turnkey solution for your organization. Execution and Support — CCRELIEFS helps you in actualizing the new programming into your day by day business operations and gives thorough support and upkeep of your software.

We Know The Ropes

What we do is as important as how and why we do it. Our Agile teams are prepared to enable you to handle your most noteworthy difficulties!
• Overhaul the terrible; modify the moderate
• Build on newer, better advances to improve the business
• Drive mobile to meet the business where it happens
• Lead by utilizing the most recent progressions in innovation
• Widen the interest of the item and increment its use
• Innovate by knowing the opposition yet not mirroring them
• Evolve through consistent learning; research and development

Software QA and Testing

With new malware and advanced viruses entering the versatile space and focusing on our touchy information (e.g., personal, finance), it's our duty as a developer to to release a secure application. We perform security testing to ensure your web or mobile application is well protected.
Black box testing that enables us to quantify how your web or mobile application meets performance criteria, compare several systems to characterize which performs better, and recognize general performance failures.

Technologies We Use

Web Development: Java, .NET, PHP, JavaScript

Mobile Development: iOS, Android, Xamarin, Hybrid

Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB and others

DevOps and Cloud: AWS, Azure, Docker, Jenkins

Minimum Viable Product

Our involvement in the advancement of MVP implies we can assemble end-user feedback to enable you to survey the potential interest for new software product.

Full Cycle Development

We give a full range of services in software development from requirement gathering, UI design and usage, to product release and persistent improvement.

Certified Specialists

Our highly skilled engineers, analyzers and project managers have been granted more than 90 accreditations from different well-known organizations

Effective Communication

We speak with the client as a single cross-functional team with common objectives and targets: a synergistic approach that has proved successful across a diverse range of commercial projects.

Software Development Process

  • One

    Recognizing key business forms that should be bolstered by the technology.

  • Two

    Characterizing off-the-rack components that can be utilized to spare time and assets.

  • Three

    Building up the essential custom modules that fit firmly with the plan of action.

  • Four

    Integrating custom and off-the-rack programming to work together as a solitary framework.

  • Five

    Broadening the platform's features as new needs, clients and opportunities emerge.


Creating software custom fitted to your business.
  • We entirely take after Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete and Intellectual Property Agreement.

  • Custom application development projects at competitive costs.

  • Adaptable procuring model for Smart, productive and persevering workforce.

  • 95% on-time delivery and regular project reporting.

  • Hire experienced and qualified experts.

  • Extensive use of Project & Bug Management Tools such as Basecamp, Planio, Jira

  • Capacity to compose clean decipherable code in latest programming languages.